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Develop an Effective Practice by Learning to...

  • Release Stress & Anxiety

    Receive hypnotherapy and dive deep into shadow work to release stress, anxiety and other undesirable emotions from the past. And learn meditation & self-hypnosis to continue the inner work on your own.

  • Cultivate Inner Peace

    Learn to cultivate deep self-awareness through meditation and hypnotherapy,

    detach from mind-level rumination and discover sustainable inner peace in

    non-dual experiencing.

  • Learn Energy Work

    Learn how to work effectively with energy. This includes how to move energy,  read energy, release repressed energy, find energetic alignment and promote the flow of creative energy. 

  • Find Your Soul Tribe

    Feel supported by an intimate community of kindred participants who will be there for you during this transformative experience, and inspire you every step along the way.

Who is this for?

People who are tired of living with stress and anxiety

You are currently experiencing much more stress and anxiety than the people around you and you can't seem to understand why. You are used to high levels of stress at this point and have no clue how to deal with it. What if I told you this high intense energy that you feel in your body is actually going to be a powerful catalyst for your transformation?


Because I've been there. I used to experienced high levels of social anxiety and frequent panic attacks. After years and years of testing and practicing, I found a combination of hypnotherapy, meditation and energy work that helped me transform this energy into fuel for self-mastery and life mastery. And now I would love to help you do the same.

​People who want to heal unresolved emotional traumas and overcome limiting beliefs

Something has changed within you.... You know you can't blame external factors for where you are anymore. You have realized that it is not about what is currently happening in your life but rather what happened in the past that you haven't let go of which is affecting the way you live your life. You want to heal complex emotions from the past that seem to be holding you back but you have no clue where to start.


I am here for you. If you are looking for a safe space to be guided into your healing, then this is the place. I will help you resolve your emotions by teaching you how to release the repressed energy that is at the root of it all so that you can return to your natural highest vibration. You are going to learn how to use your emotions as they are intended to be used as a navigating system!

People who are spiritually inclined and desire to be in their true nature 

You have dabbled in mindfulness and other spiritual modalities. You are now interested to know more. You have so many questions about yourself. And you feel like you are at the beginning of a confusing and unclear journey. 


I was once there as well. And I would love to guide you deep within. By learning how to meditate properly through guided hypnosis, you will discover a state of mind that is beyond emotions and thoughts. The best thing about this is once you have learned it, you will be able to do it all by yourself. Rather than blindly following others, you will cultivate your own inner awareness and intuition to continue to deepen your spirituality. This is the true marker of self-mastery.

Why should I develop an Effective Meditation Practice?

We live in a time where stress rules our daily lives. And most of us resort to distractions and coping mechanisms to soothe ourselves but tell me, isn't this always short-lived?


Some of us struggle with anxiety while others struggle with depression. But what if I told you that they are flipped sides of the same coin? They stem from the same problem.


Anxiety and depression are, in fact, symptoms of repressed trauma/stress energy. This energy is stuck in your body.


But why do our bodies do this? Why do we keep all this stuff inside us?


As a child, you were taught by your caregivers and society as a whole to behave strictly in "socially acceptable" ways. You learned to suppress your emotions and  keep your mouth shut. Although this sort of parenting came with good intentions, most of us as children, received them incorrectly. Many of us began to undermine the expression of our authentic being and gave up listening to our bodies.


You see, we don't know how to live in our bodies because we were raised to live in our heads.


And this is a HUGE problem because neuroscientists now say that the body IS the subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is 90% of your brain activity.


When you do not know how to be with your emotions in a healthy way, you avoid them, accumulating stress energy. This inability to be with the entirety of who you are and constant repression of energy is what leads to chronic stress, chronic pains, limiting beliefs, fears, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.


An effective meditation practice is all about communicating with your subconscious and becoming aware of energy in your body. When you feel into your body/subconscious, acknowledge what you have accumulated and where it comes from, you can then allow it to move through and out of the body without the conscious mind interfering. In turn this allows life energy to flow freely again and restores balance to your system.


We regain natural spontaneity and curiosity about life. We gain a renewed innocence about life and begin to live in flow. We experience synchronicities and return to an intrinsic sense of self-love and compassion. Our intuition strengthens as it becomes a merging of rationality and instinctual evolutionary wisdom.


I want to offer you all tools and techniques you will ever need to develop this sort of meditation practice. Let's work together so you can clean the slate, build a new foundation, and consciously manifest a desirable future.


About this program

  • Online Group Coaching 

    Join a safe intimate group of up to 10 kindred participants, who the universe has carefully selected to be with you during this transformative period of your life. They will inspire you, motivate you and challenge you in ways you can't imagine just yet. (If you can't make the live session, don't worry it'll be recorded!)

  • Daily Homework Practice 

    Journal and reflect using our E-Workbook
    and journal prompts, specifically designed to help you retain what you're learning. You will learn how to meditate and practice hypnosis in your free time using recorded live sessions, bonus recordings and additional resources. 

  • 6 weeks, 6 sessions

    Attend one group meetings every week, where you will learn techniques and concepts and receive hypnotherapy. You will also have to ask questions and discuss as a group for further reflection. There is so much potential for learning when you get to compare and contrast inner experiences with your kindred group members.

  • Personal Guidance & Support

    You can reach out to your group members and Ediya whenever you need to via Whatsapp. We will be holding each other accountable, motivated and inspired every step throughout the way!

Certified in evidence-based therapies

  • Hypnotherapy 

    Ediya is a certified hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven method that creates lasting inner change because it works directly on the subconscious mind. It can be used to elicit relaxation and grounding in the present moment, relieve stress, and reprogram limiting beliefs.

  • NLP Timeline Therapy

    Ediya is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and uses Timeline technique and other powerful NLP patterns to initiate a creative subconscious process of trauma processing. This process helps you release repressed energy and find energetic alignment, bringing lasting transformation.

Experience on the spiritual path

  • Jungian Shadow work

    Ediya has done a lot of personal shadow work and is experienced in helping others communicate with their shadows. Shadow work means integrating parts of yourself that you have been rejecting, denying and suppressing, to actualize the entirety of who you are. This method dissolves mental conflict and distortions. At the same time it expand self-awareness and inner peace.

  • Tantra, Yoga & Meditation

    Ediya is a certified yoga and meditation teacher in Tantra and Hatha Yoga. Her own experience in exploring spirituality and the inner landscape will allow her to guide you effectively in exploring the same within yourself in order to reach the state of meditation. She will help you clear away any confusion or doubts you may have along the path.

Here's what to expect

Week 1: Clarifying Meditation + Spiritual Terms

Week 2: The Feminine Approach (The Body is the Subconscious)

Week 3: Releasing Repressed Energy (Shadow Work)

In week 3, you will be introduced to shadow work in the lens of Somatic Trauma Work. You will learn about where repressed trauma/stress energy comes from, the Trauma Feedback Loop that keeps us trapped in karmic cycles and how to get out of it by uncoupling the mind's fear from conscious awareness. You will learn to reframe what it means to be triggered and how triggers are actually opportunities for healing. And lastly, what a conscious successful release looks like experientially.

Week 4: The Shadow + The Illusion of Duality


In week 4, we will discuss the Shadow in detail as a universal archetype. You will learn about the illusion of duality that exists at the mind level and how to drop down into the body to experience non-dual conscious awareness. We will be relating this spiritual understanding to practical life matters such as time fixation (worrying about the future vs. ruminating on the past as opposed to living in the Now), hustle-and-grind culture (failure vs. success as opposed to enjoying the journey), religious/New Age idealism (good vs bad, high vibration vs low vibration as opposed to non-judgement and simply be-ing).

Week 5: Conscious Manifesting + Energetic Alignment

Week 6: Practical Tools for Energy Expansion

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$595 $395

When you join you'll receive these amazing bonuses

5 Guided Hypnosis Audio Recordings ($125 value)

BONUS #1: Kundalini Meditation

This is a meditation based on the wisdom of ancient Tantric sutras. Ancient yogis knew about the dormant energy stored at the navel centre which can be unlocked if you shake and awaken your body. This meditation promotes the free flow of life energy, transforming feelings of boredom, sadness, tiredness into spontaneous joy, bliss and playfulness.

BONUS #2: Nadhabrama Meditation 

This is a technique adapted from the ancient Tibetan humming tradition. Nadhabrama stands for 'Inner Sound' and teaches the secret to mantra (japa) meditation. In this meditation I will guide you to use your own voice to calm down your entire system; body, mind & energy and connect to universal energy. The biggest benefit of this technique is the mental clarity,  increased awareness and serenity it will bring you.

BONUS #3: Emotional Integration Hypnosis

You know when you're just having a day... No matter what you do, you just feel down in the dumps... I created this hypnosis recording to help you let go of that stagnant emotional discomfort so that you can show up for what matters in your life; your relationships, your job etc. (This is perfect for empaths) The great thing is that it doesn't take very long either!

BONUS # 4: Gratitude & Manifestation Affirmations Meditation

Imagine starting off your work day on a positive note all the time... Practicing positive affirmations and gratitude is essential to manifesting as they get you into alignment and experience synchronicities. In this hypnosis recording, your subconscious mind will be fixed to a positive momentum towards all your truest inner most desires.

BONUS #5: Inner Child Healing Hypnosis

This guided hypnosis recording will help you heal emotional wounds that root back to childhood. Using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, you will release any repressed emotions and limiting beliefs surrounding your earliest childhood memories. As a result of healing these aspects, you will stop projecting the past onto your future. The lesson will have been learnt.

The 6-Week Inner Peace Accelerator is PERFECT

for you if you are ready to learn...


90% of our day-to-day behaviour is determined by our subconscious mind. Our beliefs, habits, values and world view are determined by it. 


By experiencing live hypnotherapy, you will learn hypnosis effortlessly and easily. You will become acquainted with your subconscious mind through my guidance and easily access your subconscious mind on your own in your daily meditation practice.

You will be able to reprogram your beliefs and behaviours without have to force yourself through sheer willpower and discipline. It will surprise you to find that behavioural change comes naturally when approached from the subconscious level.


This will give you so much agency over unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms... You will be able to rewire them all on your own with self-hypnosis.


It's time to take charge of your feelings, thoughts and emotions. And have the freedom to choose to feel relaxed, self-confident, energetic,  motivated, and basically ANY other emotional state you can think of.

Energy Work

In order to have maintain and sustain lasting inner peace, you have to be able to read energy, move energy, and release energy. And this energy isn't metaphorical in the slightest sense. 


I'm talking about physiological energy that can be felt.


I'm talking the trembling and shaking that happens when you experience intense anxiety. The tension in your shoulders when you're stressed. The heat in your cheeks when you get embarrassed. The hyperventilating when you have panic attacks. The kind of energy that does this to your body is what I want to help you with.


In this program, you will learn experientially through live hypnotherapy that it means to release repressed energy, unblock your system and promote energetic flow.  You will develop the conscious awareness to feel and read energy too.


The effectiveness of a meditation practice is solely dependant on the practitioner's sensitivity to their energy. And through this program, you will surprise yourself by developing this sensitivity quickly and easily!




Meditation is NOT a technique, it is a state of being, your most natural state of being in fact. It is a state of mind where you are free of thoughts and negative emotions.


You can practice meditation techniques but not all meditation techniques will work to get you into that state of being...


In this 6-week program, I will give you proven and tried ancient meditation techniques, 

guided meditation recordings and live hypnotherapy sessions that are proven to work to take you into that state of being.


I will personally help you to experience the state of meditation, and discover non-dual conscious awareness.

I want to guide you to find out for yourself. Because this isn't something that can be intellectually grasped or learnt.... It can only be experienced and only you can do that for yourself.

This is not like any other self-improvement program out there because we work directly with the subconscious mind 

You see most teachings don't stick because when you are absorbing information with the conscious mind, there is often cognitive dissonance as the new information conflicts with your already-set belief systems.

What ends up happening is that you consciously understand what you need to do but when it comes to actually doing it, you resort to

self-sabotage instead.


This leads to a negative downward spiral of self-condemnation and resistance. A list of SHOULDS and SHOULDN'TS without any real change in the way you actually live.


This is why I created the 6-Week INNER PEACE ACCELERATOR.

This program is specifically designed to take you:

  • From stress & anxiety to sustainable inner peace

  • From a restless mind to a meditative mind

  • From emotional distress to peace, love, joy

  • From self-abandonment to self-compassion

What you'll get when you decide to join

"The 6-Week Inner Peace Accelerator" program today

  • 6 Online Hypnotherapy Sessions ($1170 Value)

  • 6 ASMR Guided Meditation / Hypnosis Recordings ($125 Value)

  • Recording of the Entire Program ($250 Value)

  • Inner Work E-Worksheet + Journal ($125 Value)

Here's what people say about  me 

Tiana Eghdam

Advertising & Design, Toronto

I have tasted what it’s like to be the most ideal version of myself, to feel my most confident. Ediya has helped me to pull myself out of deep stagnancy, depression, patterns, negative ways of thinking, etc... and maintain the courage to obtain legal guardianship over my younger brother. I am a different person than who I used to be from working with her. It’s also incredible that we are so close in age and so similar, I feel as if she can really relate to me and I am grateful for that. I love the way I feel after a session, like a new me. I love how attuned she is to what may be going on with me. I love how effective and quick the results can be. It’s a really different kind of change because you feel the effects fast.

Georgianna Chiang​

Artist, Los Angeles

I can say without a pinch of hesitation that Ediya is one of the best of the best at what she does because we do the same work yet I still consider her as my mentor.


The whole session feels simple and easy yet so profoundly powerful in ways I can’t begin to articulate with words at this moment. The emotional shift in me is reflecting in small things I do and say and I am truly excited about what I will do now I have set my limits to no limit.


Personal details: My body started releasing old energy around shame, and fear in ways I didn’t expect. I was yawning, burping and using bathroom constantly and feeling light like a feather. My mind feels so peaceful and calm and my words and actions comes out so naturally from a place of just peace love and fulfillment.


Ahhh if this is not a successful healing session what is?!


Hypnotherapist, Maryland

I love Ediya! Our session seemed so simple, I didn't think it would have such an effect - but it really surprised me! I wanted to lift my confidence and work on some physical anxiety issues.


After the session I became super-sensitive! All my senses were heightened: louder and clearer sounds, sharper tastes (I ate a dragon fruit and my forehead, fingers and toes were tingling like crazy!). My meditation hit new levels of ease, comfort and bliss. I even think a lifelong peanut allergy has disappeared!!

Ediya says it is increased awareness causing this and I feel like I've levelled up in some spiritual aspect. By elevating my physical sensations during hypnosis, I also elevated my vibrational frequency - raising my consciousness!


I felt much calmer, to the point where I went straight out and did the one thing in my life I still had fear over - riding a moped. I am now riding one confidently (even after I had an accident!). She also used a muscle relaxing technique in the session which I used at home and it has eradicated much of the physical anxiety which pooled up in certain areas of my body.


These are sensations which have been around my body for YEARS - now gone! My life has sped up in terms of awareness, intuition and confidence since the session and I believe this was the catalyst for that. Thank you so much Ediya 🙂


Law of Attraction Coach, Bali

ASMR for Self-Healers


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